User manual is available to our registered customers. You can easily open a free account and have your totally free software. It’s %100 functional with a few limitations, but the core features are included.

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Here is a list of topics covered in the user manual:

SKU Scanning

How to set-up products with SKU numbers.

Inventory Management

How to manage your inventory following some easy steps.

Categories and Product Sizes

How to set up different categories and import products.

Maintenance Schedule

How to schedule maintenance for each product after a defined time.

Online Booking

How to do online booking in Front-end and Back-end.

Individual Renter's Signature

How to capture signature of each customer to prevent legal complication.

Confirmation Email

Set up and send confirmation email for each rent order.

Calendar Base

Easy to follow up calendar view setting.

Cloud Base

Explaining how our cloud base software works.

Day-end Reports

How to get activity and financial reports.

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