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The Rentrax “Ski” version is the software you need to run every aspect of your ski rental business. Everything is customized to get the most out of your rental business.

  • Inventory Management – Keep track of your inventory

  • SKU Tracking – Keep track of all your ski equipment
  • Maintenance Schedule – Keep track of maintenance for your fleet

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SKU Scanning

How to set-up products with SKU numbers.

Inventory Management

How to manage your inventory following some easy steps.

Categories and Product Sizes

How to set up different categories and import products.

Maintenance Schedule

How to schedule maintenance for each product after a defined time.

Online Booking

How to do online booking in Front-end and Back-end.

Individual Renter's Signature

How to capture signature of each customer to prevent legal complication.

Confirmation Email

Set up and send confirmation email for each rent order.

Calendar Base

Easy to follow up calendar view setting.

Cloud Base

Cloud base software makes your data accessible from anywhere.

Day-end Reports

How to get activity and financial reports.









What our customers say

Here is some of our customers' reviews about Rentrax:

By using Rentrax, we are saving considerable time in our daily operation and my employees are happy with it (which took a while). We got rid off pen & paper (including manual imprint of credit card), saving time on searching for customers records when they return and quickly cashing them out (which makes them happy), accepting online reservations, keeping track of our promotions, and easily switching rates between low and high seasons are some features that we are using most.

Fabio Meisami, Yes Cycle

I can track the customer's info also check automatically filled customer's detail with phone number.

Jooyul Kim, JO-E Cycles

Easy customer interface - very clear for anyone. The admin side is complete and not complex. I can ask Rentrax people for adjustments and these are quite promptly executed. Usability is one of my USP's and rentrax and the professionals there understand my requirements and come up with the right solutions.

Iemke Becker, Foets

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“We needed an easy to use rental management system to increase sales and streamline our operation from just pen and paper. The application had to be easy to use by our staff and customers. Rentrax staff met with me to discuss my needs and if it would be a good fit. We agreed to test and try it in our bike rental store. Rentrax set up a demo account for us to use. We liked what saw and decided to use it. We maintained in contact with them and they made sure everything is working well the way we needed it. The software exceeded our expectations and increased profit by around 20%.”

Fabio Meisami, Yes Cycle / Co-founder

Some of our clients:

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