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“Our revenue went up after we started to use Rentrax  “

Fabio Meisami, owner/manager

By using Rentrax, we are saving considerable time in our daily operation and my employees are happy with it (which took a while). We got rid off pen & paper, saving time on searching for customers records when they return and quickly cashing them out (which makes them happy), accepting online reservations, keeping track of our promotions, and easily switching rates between low and high seasons are some features that we are using most. Now, at any time, I can check even from home that how many and exactly which bikes are out and plan for my staff.

After using Rentrax, our revenue went up as we don’t have to punch in/out the rental cards and calculate rental duration; I noticed that we were loosing money from the human error before.

“Fully featured and Easy to Use Rental Software.”

Ali Liaghat, Manager Yes Ski

We needed an easy to use rental management system to increase sales and streamline our operation from just pen and paper. The application had to be easy to use by our staff and customers. Rentrax staff met with me to discuss my needs and if it would be a good fit. We agreed to test and try it in our bike rental store. Rentrax set up a demo account for us to use. We liked what saw and decided to use it. We maintained in contact with them and they made sure everything is working well the way we needed it. The software exceeded our expectations and increased profit by around 20%.

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“Rentrax gives me a tailor made user experience.”

Iemke Becker, CEO Foets

The easiest way to get a rental bike into the hands of a client. For my clients and myself.

“Awesome, we love using Rentrax.”

Jooyul Kim,owner JO-E Cycles

I can track the customer’s info also check automatically filled customer’s detail with phone number.

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