RentRax software is arguably the most flexible equipment rental management system on the market today.

Its easy-to-use and robust engine can be configured to manage, grow and scale just about any type of rental operation. Listed below are some of the most popular rental business operations and niche markets that RentRax software is being used and has been deployed successfully.

Bike/Scooter Rental

Bikes, e-bikes, cooters + all other items that do not need to record mileage

Easily grow your bike rental business by offering your customers the convenience of online reservations.

With the proliferation of smart phones and other devices, more and more customers are surfing the internet on the go and they expect you to be able to accept or process bike and scooter rental bookings online. Rentrax software makes it effortless for you to start taking online reservations, tracking your inventory plus much more.

Snow Equipment Rental

Ski, Snowboard, Snowshoes, Ice Skate etc

Our Snow Equipment plan covers businesses that rent out Ski, Snowboards, Snowshoes, Ice Skates.

"Rentrax Snow" is presenting specific features like: 1.Tracking every single item in your inventory, 2.Displaying real-time availability status of each one of them, 3. Being able to inform your customers on all the different attributes or options (like Size, Color, Brands etc ). No other system on the market makes this complicated task easy like RentRax.

Water Equipment Rental

Kayaks, SUPs, Snorkeling etc

For water sports rentals, managing inventory and preparing the equipment for the next customer can quickly become hectic.

Water Sports Equipment rental managers need a system that makes quick and easy to keep their workflow moving without any bottlenecks. RentRax software automates the entire process of accepting online reservations, processing rental orders, billing and invoicing + delivering the equipment in just a few mouse clicks. Go here to check out all of our Rental Subscription plans for Water Sports Equipment businesses.

Motorized Equipment

Motorbikes, boats, ATVs, Snowmobiles, JetSkis, etc

Asset management and inventory tracking are of critical importance to businesses that rent out “Motorized Equipment".

Because of the initial capital outlay that goes into acquiring items like boats, snowmobile, ATVs and motorbikes, Rental Managers are keenly interested in having a system that automates management tasks like maintenance & servicing, timely pick-ups and drop-offs, late fees, damage fees, rental time periods plus many others. RentRax software is more than capable of managing any fleet size of motorized equipment. Click here to see our Pricing Plans for all "Motorized Equipment".

Camping Equipment

Backpacks, tents, beach rental items etc

Our ‘Camping Equipment’ rental management is ideal for renting items like tents, backpacks, hiking boots and the like.

Using RentRax software, tracking every single one of these items has never been easier. You have the option of using bar codes and bar code scanners as well as the ability to assign a unique SKU# to each item. Our mobile app makes delivering and processing equipment returns from your customers quick and painless. You can check out our Camping Equipment Pricing Plans here.

Mobility Equipment

Wheelchairs, mobility scooters, hospital beds, etc

If you rent out high value items like medical equipment, you would certainly want to have the option to collect deposits on your rentals.

Or at the very least, be able to put a hold on your customers’ credit cards so you can have peace of mind from knowing that their method of payment actually has the funds available for the rental – or to cover any damages or lost items. RentRax gives you the flexibility to set up your preferred method of collecting payments and deposits.