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Rentrax is a service providing digital transformation for rental shops and activity operators across the globe. With a one stop simple solution tour operators can easily accept orders online, manage rental fleets more efficiently and reduce the usage of pen and paper- which are the number one cause for human errors. Businesses using Rentrax reduce customers’ wait time by 30%, reduce operation costs by 20% and increase profits by 15%.

Rentrax works amazingly well for rental shops because it was built and designed by rental shop owners. With a strong engineering background the owners of a Vancouver based bike rental shop, saw the immediate need for an easy solution, answering the pain points of inventory management, online reservation and a cloud based PCI compliant software.


Rentrax is based on a SAAS model. We already have about 100 businesses signed up as users, and we are growing fast. We offer a different range of plans- from pay as you go to enterprise accounts. Phocuswright estimates that the global tours and activities market will reach US$183 billion by 2020 and our niche target market is rental shops- In the US alone there are more than 67,000 of these businesses, with a total of more than 35B in yearly revenue.

If you run a rental shop or a tour operation Rentrax is the solution for you.

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Manny Mazvizvo
Manny MazvizvoSales Manager
Mahmoud Rafati
Mahmoud RafatiCustomer Service
Lea Granado
Lea GranadoMarketing Manager
Alexandre Santiago
Alexandre SantiagoSoftware Developer

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