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Access from anywhere at any time

Our cloud base software allow you to manage and monitor your business 24/7 from almost anywhere. Do not loose any business even in power outage or when your computer crashes. Start making online reservation.

Promotions and Marketing

Define your agents, friend or other businesses as your promoter. Track performance of every promoter and how much each one has generated. Define multiple promotion codes with serial number and expiry date. Give fix $ or % discount or even different discounts for different rental periods.

Price Managment

Price Management

Define rental prices at category, subcategory or even every single product level. Define different prices for different seasons(low, high, medium) and switch between them with a few clicks.

Inventory Management

Track every rental item from day one it joined to your fleet. Track how many hours each item has been rented and how much it has made. Schedule your rental items maintenance and get notified when it is time to do so.


Price Managment

Point Of Sales

Zero human errors for rental cost calculation. Sale products on the same rental invoice. Split one order into multiple invoices. Reduce turn over time to under a minute.

Reporting and Analysis

Reporting and Analysis

Get timely and specific reports on all of your store activities like rent orders, sales orders, product reports, bookings, canceled orders, revenue reports and much more. Run report on products, promotions, and all activities recorded in the log sheet. Print or export all reports.
Online Reservations Management

Online Reservations Management

Allow your website to work for you! Your site visitors can make reservations and future booking simply and efficiently. Our software automatically syncs and logs the booking, which means you can set reminders, invite customers and view your bookings at the snap of a finger.


Reporting and Analysis

Staff and Store Performance Tracking

Track your staff sales performance and measure their success so that they can improve based on these numbers. Analyze your store We calculate revenue targets on the fly. You can also run these analytics for different time durations to compare performances and identify trends.