Sports Equipment Rental Software Designed For The Way You Do Business

What do you need to know about RentRax Equipment Rental Software?

“RentRax Equipment Rental Software” is a rental management system which is designed to manage your online sports store. This sports equipment rental software is designed for the way you do business. RentRax bringing out amazing features to assist you in managing your store. It helps you to manage and monitor your business from anywhere, anytime, and on the device and helps you to grow your business.
RentRax brings many amazing features many features that you must be looking for. They help you in management, monitoring, making online reservations, marketing, powerful reporting and much more. Following are the best features RentRax is bringing up your way:
Cloud base
Cloud base feature assists you in monitoring your business from anywhere and anytime. The cloud storage system frees you from file management system that can be time-consuming sometimes. It is less costly and allows you to scale your business as you want. This offers you security and reliability and allows you to monitor and manage your business more effectively. With this feature, you will have no chance of miscalculations or human error because of the wonderful automation that software brings. Also, online reservation is easier than ever with RentRax.
Real-Time inventory management
This feature gives you real-time reporting on your inventory. It gives you stats for the products which being are the best and which equipment is most rented out. Also, it reports that which products have made more business than others.
Flexible price management
This feature allows you to categorize or sub-categorize every single item. Defines prices on different level e.g. low, medium or high. It makes re-pricing easier than ever. Changing prices was not easy before how much it is easy with RentRax. Prices can easily be setup when making a new category and then edited as per requirement. Flexible price management five you extraordinary flexibility to manage your pricing.
Promotions and marketing
You can define your marketing agents to promote your business. With the help of this feature, you can track their performance. RentRax introduces multiple promotion codes with serial number and date of expiration.
Smart Point of Sale
This amazing feature allows you to manage sales more effectively. RentRax allows you to attach a sales item to a rental order so everything is organized in one simple invoice. It shows an invoice amount for a complete rental order and linked purchase sales. Then chose your payment method according to your need and access.
RentRax Equipment Rental Software is easy to use and effectively work. It brings a solution to your business management without any human error. You can manage your staff and keep an eye on their performance. For your online sports store, RentRax is the software that you need.

Cyclists racing in group

Cyclists racing in group

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