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Grow your rental business with RentRax!

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Software designed the way you do business

Rentrax is releasing new cool features bi-weekly.

New Client Portal

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New User Interface

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Get ready for the busy season

The season is changing and it’s time to advance to the next level in your rental shop management. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to move on to a new inventory and sales management system.

Gear Up for the Holiday Season Right Now

Don’t wait until the last moment!

Whether you are running a ski rental shop or renting out scooters in a busy town, it’s better to think about the rush season in advance.

Ski Rental Shops

Your customized software to serve as a perfect ski rental platform.

Scooters and Mopeds

Scooter rental has never been easier with Rentrax.

Bicycle Rentals

We’re bicycle rental professionals. We know all the needs for bike rentals.

SUP and Water Equipment

If you are renting SUPs, you will love the specific features we have in Rentrax.

Medical Equipment

Medical equipment renting has it’s own requirements. We cover them all.

Outdoor and Camping

Our camping rental software keeps track of every single item in your store.

Explore! You will love it.

Rentrax is a growing software with new cool features added every two weeks.

The Most Powerful Rental Software.

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Rentrax SKI

Innovation in your Ski Rental business

Using a rental management software is a big step forward to run a rental shop efficiently. But most rental softwares are generalized to cover a wide range of rental types. So, you might need to personalize such a software to fit your needs and this might cost you even more. To address this issue, we created “Rentrax Ski”.

With “Rentrax Ski” you can professionally manage your inventory, rent ski equipment, and make sure that you’re not missing any important steps.

Secure Electronic Payment Device

For businesses that require a physical payment processor, we provide the top of the line credit card swipe machine. You can Chip-in or swipe and if a signature is needed, you can capture your customers’ signature on a touch screen panel.

Barcode Scanning Integration

You can use most commercial barcode scanners with Rentrax. We also have our own moblie app which allows you to use any cellphone or tablet to scan your products. This makes your rental process even faster.

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Payment Integrations

Now we can integrate the most common payment providers in our system!

Ask us about your own payment system integration.

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More Rentrax Features:

Rentrax is adding new features every week.

Picture ID Scanning

Electronic Signature

Graphs and Reports

Industry Leading Security

Instant Payment Processing

New Mobile App

The new mobile app helps you to mannage your business from anywhere.

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Tour Features

Customizable tour features for Ski and Bike rentals.

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Enhanced Frontend and Backend UI

New user-friendly user interface for your staff and customers.

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Tons of tutorials to guide you through Rentrax functions.

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Easy to use Setup Wizard.

Our new setup wizard helps you to put everything in place like a pro.

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Check the device availability in your area.

Rentrax “Electronic Payment Device” is available in most areas. Check it out here.

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