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What Is Rentrax?

Rentrax is the Most Flexible Equipment Rental Management System On The Market!

If you are planning to launch a sports equipment rental business, or if you currently operate one, and you are looking for an easy and flexible system to automate your workflow, then Rentrax Software should undoubtedly be the first option you look at.

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Simplify Your Rental Operation And Increase Profit.

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Customized for your business!

While there are a few other rental systems you could conceivably consider, the downside of most systems is that they come pre-configured and will, therefore, force you to adapt their settings as part of your workflow, ultimately forcing you to change the way you currently do business. This can quickly become a pain if your business is sizeable and/or has been around for a while.

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Cloud Base!

The cloud-based software application gives you the ability to monitor your business 24/7 from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Everything is stored in the cloud so no more boxes of files and papers. Save costs on paper and have the freedom to scale your business the way you want.

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Real-Time Inventory Management!

Rentrax not only keeps track of your inventory for you but it also gives you real-time reporting. I’m sure that you’re generally aware which products are your best and most rented. Why not be certain and get detailed reports about which equipment rents out for the most money increasing your overall bottom line. Even a small increase in efficiency can put thousands of dollars back into your business.

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Flexible Price Management!

Define rental prices at a category, subcategory or even every single product level. Define different prices for different seasons(low, high, medium) and switch between them with a few clicks. No more messing around with re-pricing your stock. Rentrax allows you to do that the first time you enter your inventory. Once and for all.
Prices can be set hourly/daily from one to twelve hours/days and you can also charge for multiple daily rentals. Prices can easily be setup when making a new category and then edited for different seasons. You can set your own minimum billable duration, grace time, rounding up/down the duration and many other settings which will give you the extraordinary flexibility to manage your pricing.

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Why Choose Us:

Our system is packed with comprehensive and easy to use features designed to streamline your rental operation and reducing human error. A Rental Software system for your business that is customizable, affordable, powerful and easy-to-use.


Getting started is easy and only takes minutes to set up


User Friendly Interface

Rentrax is easy. It takes just minutes to setup and you can train your staff quickly.

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